Sunday, July 2, 2017. Racetrack Hamburg-Horn, 3:40 pm. The seventh race of the day – the 148th German Derby – was to be started. The favourite was Colomano. The gates opened and the race had started. 18 horses ran across the course. After 2400 metres Windstoß won the derby ahead of Enjoy Vijay and Shanjo. After the race a short dialogue was held to discuss if this was possible in Excel as well. First feasibility studies were done on the same evening already. On 08 August 2017 the first version – GaloppSim 148.00 – was released.

Olga, Florian and Marco Matjes (from left to right)
GaloppSim versions
Version numberShippingEditionLanguageComments
148.00Download, CDAIGermanofficial release, only a few handmade CDs (<5)
148.01GITCD, eMailAIGermannot officially available, special races, only a few handmade CDs (<5), misprinting
148.02GITCD, eMailAIGermannot officially available, special races, only a few handmade CDs (<5)
148.03SALTCDAIGermannot officially available, special races with individual horses, the only version with sausage mode, only 1 CD worldwide
148.03SALT Service Pack 1eMailAIGermanextension (mad mode) and bugfixes for version 148.03SALT
148.10DownloadAI, RSGermanofficial release
148.203.5" floppy diskRSEnglish, Germannot officially available, only 14 individually numbered disks
148.30DownloadAI, RSEnglish, Germanofficial release
148.31MCDAIGermannot officially available, private horse in all races, only 1 CD
148.50DownloadAI, RSEnglish, Germanofficial release
148.90DownloadRSEnglish, German, Bulgarianofficial release
148.96DownloadRSEnglish, German, Bulgarianofficial release
149.00DownloadAI, RSEnglish, German, Bulgarianofficial release
149.00 Service Pack 1DownloadAI, RSEnglish, German, BulgarianBugfixes for version 149.00
149.10DownloadAI, RSEnglish, German, Bulgarianofficial release
149.19SITDownloadRSEnglish, German, Bulgariannot officially available, special races designed for SAP Inside Track Hannover 2019
149.19GMP/TDownloadRSEnglish, GermanGMP 2019 training races
149.19GMPnoneRSEnglish, Germanonly for GMP 2019 race execution
149.20never finishedBER version
150.00DownloadAI, RSEnglish, German, Bulgarianofficial release